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Opinion: Trump has failed to deliver what he promised

Opinion: Trump has failed to deliver what he promised


To the editor:

Mike Lindsey recently stated that “Our current President has DONE everything that he campaigned on four years ago." Evidently the avalanche of Trump lies during the past four years has caused Mike to develop amnesia. So let me jog Mike’s memory on Trump campaign promises.

• Build a beautiful border wall 100% paid for by MEXICO. “Come on Mike.” Only 4 miles of new wall — not replacement — has been built.

• Rebuild the nation’s infrastructure. “Come on Mike.” No program or progress.

• Never take a vacation or play a round of golf while President unless it is with a foreign dignitary. “Come on Mike” Trump has taken plenty of vacations and played over 270 rounds of golf.

• Not issue Executive Orders like Obama. “Come on Mike.” Trump has issued 400+ executive orders because he cannot get laws passed.

• Boost economic growth 3.5% per year on average. “Come on Mike.” Trump has never achieved 3% for any year and his pitiful non-response to COVID-19 will torpedo ANY growth.

• I will be the greatest jobs President. “Come on Mike." Trump will be the first President since Hoover to have a negative jobs growth.

• Bring back manufacturing jobs. “Come on Mike.”

• Bring back the coal industry and jobs. “Come on Mike.”

• Eliminate the trade deficit with China by imposing tariffs. “Come on Mike.” The USA now has the biggest ever trade deficit with China.

• Cut the annual budget by 20% per year. “Come on Mike.” In just three years, the deficit has increased by $1 billion under Trump.

• Eliminate the national deficit in 8 years. “Come on Mike.”

• Repeal and replace Obamacare. “Come on Mike.” Trump does not have a replacement plan.

Trump’s lasting historical impression will be that “a blizzard of lies, constantly repeated, can cause some citizens to develop amnesia." “Come on Mike."

Bob Oblak,


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