To the Editor:


It is 448 pages, but we as citizens of Southeastern Wisconsin, and as Americans, owe it to ourselves, our country and our Grandchildren to read the MUELLER REPORT.

I started reading the Mueller Report, and surprisingly it is readable for someone like me, the average voter who cares about our democracy. This report is not full of legalese or language that only attorneys can digest.

The Mueller Report was written for us, the American people and for Congress, our representatives. Do not think you can read it in one sitting. Wow, that would be boring. Look at it, as if it was a biography or a novel…something to educate and inform. Some may enjoy it…. I do not, but I am still reading the report because of its content and importance.

We as taxpayers paid for this report, and some would agree that we as voters should take the responsibility and time to digest it. History will prove, the Mueller Report will be required reading in our grandchildren’s high school and college government and history courses.

If you are like me, you may not want to read the entire report, leaving out the boring parts. That is okay, but I do ask that you take time out of your busy life and READ IT.

Paul Kristoffersen