To the Editor:

I felt very sad after reading the letter to the editor by Nancy Swatek in the Jan. 9 issue of the Lake Geneva Regional News.

Attitudes expressed by Ms. Swatek foster distrust and misinformation. Where is the data to support her claim that non-citizens vote? Recent and past studies have found this claim to be untrue.

Painting immigrants with a broad brush as criminals, drug users, thieves and as groups who are not invested as citizens in this country is wrong. We are a country of immigrants, a country that has been enriched by the contributions of many.

Claiming that certain political groups support illegal immigration is wrong. Recent polls and data collected indicate that most politicians and Americans support immigration laws, as do I.

In my nearly 103 years of life on this Earth, I have seen what unsubstantiated information, false claims about peoples, the demonization of ethnic groups and isolationism have wrought.

Betty McNally Hartnett

Lake Geneva