To the Editor:

I am writing to commend the Walworth County Sheriff’s Department for their professionalism, promptness and compassion when I recently called on them for help.

My husband, who suffers from dementia, was waiting in our car at a park while I quickly walked the dogs. When I returned, he was gone and I could not find him. The temperatures were cold and the ground snowy. I was frantic.

The Sheriff’s Department immediately responded and did a thorough investigation, interviewing me and anyone around who may have seen him. They did not place blame, they just wanted to find him.

We had not been searching long when I received a call from a nearby hospital that my husband was there, and was safe. As it turned out, a couple had noticed him, realized his confusion and drove him to the emergency room. The officers were so excited and relieved to know that he was OK. An officer escorted me to the hospital and stayed until we were assured everything was fine.

I feel that the police all too often receive negative publicity. They do not get the credit they deserve. I want people to know just how dedicated, professional and helpful they are. I will be forever grateful for their assistance.

Pat Shea