To the editor:

We just celebrated the Fourth of July to show love of country. But the real celebration took place Monday night in Lake Geneva city council chambers.

There, the council, bowing to the pressure exerted by the full house of citizens who took the time to come out, voted against an administration-led charge to do the bidding of a would be developer of the Hillmoor property. What could be more of a celebration of American democracy than that? If the city council were to continue the celebration by buying the property, no matter the cost, and preserving it as open recreational land, for our posterity, that would be the icing on the cake! Right now the administration is colluding with the developer to change our land use map so that he could pack Hillmoor with shopping and apartments that we don't need.

Keep your eyes open. Tell your alderman to resist changing the map that would change Hillmoor's status. That would be a real celebration of democracy, America and the Fourth of July.

Rick Steinberg,

Lake Geneva