To the Editor:

Finally, after two years, 30 million taxpayers dollars, 19 Democrat lawyers, and many many investigations, the Mueller report is done. What has it come up with? The Russian collusion delusion has been proven to be an illusion. Or maybe not. The Democrats are not at all happy with this outcome so, of course, their witch hunt continues. Robert Mueller was strong-armed by his buddies and came out with the most ambiguous statement ever heard. You are no longer innocent until proven guilty, according to him, especially if you are President Trump. He more or less encouraged the Democrats to start impeachment proceedings, which is exactly what they have been looking for ever since President Trump was nominated — even before the inauguration. They will not be satisfied until they have destroyed President Trump. What they don’t seem to understand, or care about at all, is, they are also going to destroy the United States. They are so focused on their hatred of this president that they are unable or unwilling to do anything as far as governing is concerned. So, what did President Trump do to raise the ire of these people? Donald Trump had the audacity to run for president because he wanted to make America great again. And then, a bunch of gun-toting, Bible-reading Christian “deplorables” actually elected him President. This was so not supposed to happen. Hillary was going to win, by hook or crook. But she didn’t. So, they have been trying to hang impeachment on him ever since. Hatred is their driving force.

Another election is looming — keep a few things in mind when you vote. Right after spewing their hatred for President Trump, the entire plethora of Democrat candidates’ primary platform plank is women’s right to kill their babies — abortion — in some states right up to the time they are born. What kind of people are these? Did you see any of the Memorial Day programs or the commemorations of the landing on D-Day? These programs should be required watching for every school child in America — and also all of Congress. I think they have forgotten why they are there. Where are the patriots? We could make America great again. Remember the Democrats don’t think America was ever great! Time is running out. If we are to save the country, hate, resistance and obstruction can’t win. Today’s Democrats are very scary people. God Bless the president and the United States.

Nancy Swatek

Lake Geneva