To the Editor:

I support Judge Brian Hagedorn for Wisconsin Supreme Court. He is running to fill the seat of Judge Abrahamson who retired after 43 years. Whoever wins on April 2 could hold the seat for decades.

Judge Hagedorn is a pro-law judge who believes there is no place for personal political opinion on the court. He will not legislate from the bench.

His opponent, Lisa Neubauer, will be an activist judge and is supported by Democrats and liberal special interest groups. She has accepted nearly $120,000 in direct campaign contributions from several major union groups. Obama Attorney General Eric Holder campaigned here for her recently; his political groups plan to spend $350,000 supporting her.

Her husband Jeff is a former head of the Wisconsin Democratic party and member of the Democratic National Committee. Her daughter, Democrat Greta Neubauer, is a current member of the Wisconsin State Assembly.

Liberal activist judges threaten current laws important to Wisconsin’s future. Threatened legislation includes voter ID, collective bargaining reform, Right-To-Work measures, and regulatory reforms of the past eight year keeping government in check.

Judge Hagedorn believes the job of a Supreme Court Justice is not to decide what the law should say, but to interpret strictly what the law does say. Please join me in voting for Judge Brian Hagedorn for Wisconsin Supreme Court on April 2.

Pamela Wolfe

Lake Geneva