Lexi Gustafson

Lexi Gustafson, 12, attends the Lake Geneva Middle School. Her entry, “The Theft,” was the top youth entry in the Lake Geneva Regional News and Kenosha News “You Finish the Story” contest.

Lexi Gustafson was excited to learn that her story, “The Theft,” was selected as the youth winner for the Lake Geneva Regional News and Kenosha News “You Finish the Story” contest.

The 12-year-old is a seventh-grader at the Lake Geneva Middle School.

Although her favorite subject is math, she enjoys writing creative stories because “they are fun, and you can come up with your own ideas.”

Gustafson, of Lake Como, is also looking forward to seeing her story published in both the Lake Geneva Regional News and the Kenosha News.

“I think it is really cool,” Gustafson said. “ My parents are really excited, too.”

For the contest, the newspapers provided writers with the start of a story, which is in italic below. The contestants then finished the story. Below, is Lexi’s entry, “The Theft.”

It was a sunny and cold Saturday morning, so typical of mid-January. Mary White bundled up to make her way to the Rhode Center for the Arts for the Winter HarborMarket. She came every week for her favorites, but she often took home something different as well. As she walked around the typically crowded space, she bumped into a woman in a blue coat and blue hat who looked so familiar.

Could it be?



Diana, startled, never expected to see anyone she knew, coming from Lake Geneva to Kenosha for a few stops, starting with the market.

“How long has it been?” they both asked almost at once.

As they hugged, Mary asked, “Do you have time to catch up?”

Diana said yes, and they left the market to find a place to sit and talk.

Soon, the stories would flow, and one surprise after another followed.

Mary offered, “Do you want to go to my house and chat?”

Diana said, “Sure that would be splendid!”

Together they walked from Kenosha to Lake Geneva where Mary’s house was located. Mary’s brown hair and Diana’s blond hair was flowing in the wind, and their blue eyes were sparkling in the sun as they walked to Mary’s house. Once they got to Mary’s house they sat down on the couch and in unison said, “Where have you been all this time?”

Diana said, “I´ve been travelling for a while and decided to stop by the market because I know how great it is.”

Mary replied with, “The market is really great, and traveling sounds like fun!”

Diana said, “What have you been up to?”

Mary said, “I’ve been just working at the market on the weekdays and babysittingon the weekends, but every Saturday I don’t have to work so I go down to the market.”

“Thats sounds like a lot of work, but fun,” said Diana

Mary said, “Hey, do you maybe want to watch the news?”

“Sure,” Diana replied.

They turned on the news and the weather reporter said, “Tonight there is going to be a huge storm and no one is coming in or out, so everyone stay in your house and have a fun evening.”

Diana and Mary turned to each other and said “What!”

Mary said, “I have a extra bedroom that you could stay in.”

Diana mumbled, “Thanks.”

Diana wasn’t happy about this at all. She was supposed to get on a plane in two hours to go to Las Vegas.

Mary showed Diana to her guest bedroom and said, “Make yourself comfortable.”

When Mary left the room Diana rummaged through her purse and found a picture of a watch. Diana let out a loud gasp because she saw this exact watch in Mary’s living room. Diana knew she stole the watch because it was her grandfather’s watch that was passed down from generation to generation but got stolen a month ago.

Once Mary was sound asleep, Diana crept down the stairs with the picture in her hand. When she got to the watch she held up the picture right next to the watch and she saw that the picture and the watch were identical. She snatched the watch, then tiptoed up the stairs and back into her bedroom.

When Diana got up in the morning and went downstairs Mary said, “The news reporter said that the storm has passed and the roads are open.”

Diana was thrilled with this news! After that news, Diana ate breakfast and started packing her bags; when she walked downstairs Mary was there to send her off.

Mary said, “Have fun traveling.”

Diana said, “You have fun, too.”

Then Diana hopped into a taxi that would take her straight to the airport.

When Diana left Mary went to go dust and straighten things out, but when she went to the table where the watch was supposed to be she dropped on her hands and knees and said ‘Nooooo, the watch is gone.”

At first she thought that maybe she lost the watch so she looked up and down in her house, but when she couldn’t find the watch she realized that Diana probably stole the watch because it was really valuable to her. So, she rushed out of the house and got into the car and drove to the airport.

When she got to the airport she realized she had no idea which plane Diana was going on. She ran around the entire airport looking for Diana and at last she spotted her at Gate 13.

Mary rushed over to Diana and said, “Give me back my watch.”

Diana had the guiltiest look on her face and said, “What watch?”

Mary hollered at her, “You know what watch!”

Mary snatched Diana’s suitcase away from her and threw it open, and at the top of the suitcase was her watch.

Mary said, “Why did you steal my watch from me? It was my grandfather’s.”

Diana said, “What? No, it was my grandfather’s and it got stolen a month ago.”

“But, but I got this watch from my grandfather a month ago.” replied Mary.

At once they both realized that Mary’s grandfather took the watch from Diana’s grandfather and gave it to Mary.

Mary said, “Sorry, I guess the watch is really yours.”

Diana brushed it off and said, “It’s fine; who really has to apology are our grandfathers.”

“You’re right, why don’t we go pay them a visit right now,” said Mary.

With that, they both hopped onto a plane and went to Miami, Florida where both of their grandfathers lived.