Bob Rauland


When it comes to buying or selling property, or to find out how development may take shape in the near future, a real estate agent is the right person to ask.

This month, Welcome Home consulted with Bob Rauland, of Rauland Agency, 118 Kenosha St., Walworth.

Resorter: What does the 2019 local real estate market look like?

Bob Rauland: Traditionally with the presidential election years there is more uncertainty in the market because people are concerned about their investments. November 2020 will bring clarity related to investments, interest rates and employment.

What do you think most buyers should know when they look for a home?

Buyers should talk to their mortgage lenders about obtaining a prequalification letter. The prequalification letter is helpful to know what the maximum price you would want to pay for a home. This lender will collect basic information for a prequalification letter.

What about commercial development? Where do you see it happening in the future?

Commercial properties priced and zoned appropriately would probably be a very active market under $500,000. Commercial property over $500,000 would depend on size, municipal services and location within the community. The most active real estate market timing wise is the first of March to Oct. 31.

How can sellers best prepare their homes before they list them?

No. 1: Make all necessary repairs to your home. No. 2: Declutter No. 3: Make exterior landscaping attractive by mulching beds, trimming grass and planting flowers. First impressions are very important and the exterior is what people see first.

What types of properties are selling the fastest today?

Those that are priced correctly to begin with. An experienced REALTOR® should be able to help set the correct listing price for your home. Homes that are priced between $150,000 and $275,000 and are priced correctly are currently flying off the shelf. Homes priced between $275,000 and $495,000 with lake access would be a very active market. Contact Bob Rauland at (262) 275-2185, ext. 112, or