LAKE GENEVA — While the concept of a self-service storage facility might seem fairly straight forward, the owners of Lake Geneva Self Storage say there are a number of important details worth considering.

Lake Geneva Self Storage, 901 Maxwell St., is opening this month. Co-owners Joe Devorkin and Kurt Hintz closed on the property in June and have been adding a number of details within the facility.

“The secret sauce is there’s security everywhere,” Devorkin said as he points out the number of cameras perched throughout the facility. “We’ve got a number of state-of-the-art features.”

Each Lake Geneva Self Storage customer receives his or her own access code, which is designed to make access into the venue a breeze.

Devorkin and Hintz have been introducing a number of other new modernizing features to Lake Geneva Self Storage’s facility in recent months, including the electronic monitoring system and LED fixtures throughout the facility.

“It’s amenity rich,” Devorkin said. “We’re really confident this is going to be the top facility in Lake Geneva. This is a world-class self-service facility. It’s as nice as it gets.”

In addition to putting a high degree of attention on security and lighting features, Devorkin said the facility affords other amenities to help ensure whatever items stored are kept in pristine condition.

Since all of Lake Geneva Self Storage’s units are indoors, customers are assured their items are being kept in climate-controlled conditions that range from 60 to 80 degrees throughout the year, regardless of what the temperatures are outdoors.

Lake Geneva Self Storage is ideal for residential and commercial storage, Devorkin said — a reality best represented by the range of unit sizes available to suit any specific needs. Units range from 5 x 5 to 10 x 20. In all, 16 different unit sizes are available.

With the doors to Lake Geneva Self Storage now open, Devorkin said interest has already been piqued within the community. “Demand has been high,” he said.

Devorkin, whose professional background includes commercial real estate, said he and Hintz have forged an ideal business partnership with Lake Geneva Self Storage. Hintz, already an established entrepreneur within the community, will bring his existing business, Mac’s Moving and Storage, to the new facility as well.

“It’s a perfect blend,” Devorkin said. “It’s turned out to be a great business partnership.”

As Devorkin and Hintz set out to offer Lake Geneva and surrounding areas a new top-tier destination for their self-storage needs, Devorkin said he is optimistic about the new venture.

“Lake Geneva has been great to work with,” Devorkin said, referring to the company’s relationship with municipal staffers as the new business has been getting off the ground.

Devorkin said he and Hintz are ready and willing to meet with customers interested in touring the facility and discussing specific needs. Lake Geneva Self Storage’s phone number is 262-248-2400 and its website is