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Opinion: Democrats have a long history of voter fraud

Opinion: Democrats have a long history of voter fraud


To the editor:

At one time, my father was a good Democrat. He was a delegate to the Michigan State Democratic Convention and voted three times for Truman for president. Yes, you are correct, Truman only ran once for president. Dad’s voting escapade was arranged by the State Democratic Party. In 1952, he became a Republican and voted only once in each election.

We have had continuous historical examples of Democratic voter fraud. In 1959, Mayor Daley (D), after votes in other parts of the state of Illinois were counted, declared the vote count for Chicago making sure it was enough for Kennedy’s victory. Mayor Daley gave the infamous instructions to Democrats, “vote early, vote often."

In Wisconsin, we had the documented Democrat plot of cigarettes for votes. A Democratic operative, Scott Foval in 2016, admitted to the media that he was busing out of state voters to Iowa and Wisconsin to affect swing state elections. He stated Democrats have been doing this for 50 years.

Democrats have been pushing continuously for eliminating laws that insure the integrity of elections and that your honest vote is not negated by fraud. They are trying to eliminate voter ID and pushing for doing mass mailings of unsolicited ballots that can be fraudulently filled out. A recent case of “ballot harvesting” was in Minnesota in Ilhan Omar’s (D) district. There the buying of mail-in ballots was recorded on video. The buying and harvesting of mail-in ballots has become an underground business.

Will this destruction of election integrity only stop when Democrats have eliminated your honest vote and have our election’s security ranked with third world dictatorships? How far will the Democrats go on undermining the integrity of our elections and Democracy until they have felt they have enough unmitigated ruling power?

John Surinak,


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